SPOILER: Title change at 1/8 TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Orlando to air in the coming weeks on Pop TV

Impact Wrestling TV tapings

During the TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings on Sunday in Orlando, Bobby Lashley def. Eddie Edwards in a 30 Minute Iron Man match to become the new TNA Champion.

The title change will air on an upcoming episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. Lashley earned the title shot defeating EC3 in a No. 1 Contenders match at the Saturday tapings.

As noted in our report, another title change took place featuring Drew Galloway defeating Moose to become the new TNA Impact Grand Champion.

We will have a full report from the tapings shortly.

Source: PWInsider.com

  • Al79

    Bobby Lashley? I don’t think he’s going to bring in viewers, especially if this airs sometime in February.

  • Paul Meade

    Trevor Lee also won the X Division title

  • TheCyberZon

    Well so much for Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards feuding over the TNA title. For now anyway.

  • Zach Steven Whitlow

    I like the decision to give it back to Lashley. He is so dominant as champion and his heel run just shows off all his strengths. Edwards just never clicked for me and I think part of that is because they never really treated him like a credible champion. All of his finishes were fluky so he just seemed like a paper champ to me.