Former ROH Champion Jay Lethal thinks a working relationship between WWE and Ring of Honor is possible

Jay Lethal

Brian Fritz of Sporting News passed along an interview he conducted with former ROH Champion Jay Lethal where he talks about the possibility of a working relationship between WWE and Ring of Honor in the near future.

“If I had to predict the future, I would think that at some point in time that, in my opinion, could be very possible. Look at the guys there who have come from Ring of Honor. Look at all the guys they’ve used and plucked from Ring of Honor. At some point, in my opinion, I would think they’d go, everybody we get from there really excels here so maybe should … I don’t know. That’s just my opinion. I think there definitely could be something in the future, some kind of working relationship.”

Lethal will face former WWE star Cody Rhodes at ROH’s Final Battle PPV tomorrow night.

  • The Northwesterner

    And have Vince buy out ROH later on like he did the remnants of ECW and Smoky Mountain (which also had working relationships with the then-WWF at certain points)? Not a good idea in the long run, especially not with the way Vince treats his acquisitions like they were just trophies to him.

  • Amon Bluezchyld

    ROH doesn’t need a working relationship with the WWE. Sinclair just needs to start putting up more money to keep their talent.It’ll pay off in the long run.

  • justice

    Nothing good comes to smaller wrestling companies that take the offer to “work with Vince.”